Provision of the vending machine is free-of-charge. You shall not be held responsible for any
    damages and/or vandalism.

Installation of the unit will be made at no cost and we will assist you in the planning of the
   physical layout (if required)

Replenishment & maintenance of the machine are provided to you at no cost.

Measures are taken to ensure that quality drinks are vended.

Our trained personnel shall monitor sales consumption so as to replenish machine to
    meet daily demand.

For breakdown service, we have our technical team on duty 24 hours a day.

Technical fault or urgent replenishment request shall be attended to within 24 hours of
    receiving the call, from Monday to Saturday

Any charges incurred in installation or removal of our machine shall be solely our responsibility.
   There will be absolutely no other cost involved.

 Additional Benefits/Services Rendered

We could also render beverage support to any of the company’s events at a competitively low price (free delivery)
   with a minimum of 48hrs notice.

All pricing and drinks selections are negotiable as we would want our customers to have their
   preferred beverages at their doorstep at a good price.

Our company is flexible and should the management wish to request for anything else, we would
    try our best to accede to the company’s requests.

With so many reasons to your best choice of vending machine provider, enquire with us Today!