About Us

Absolute Vending by AGPG Asia Pte Ltd is Singapore's Leading Beverage Distributors and Vending Solution. It was incorporated in 2011 by 2 aspiring entrepreneurs and has since constantly and significantly grown in stature servicing over 450 customers in various industries for both wholesale beverage distribution and vending solutions. It is our commitment to provide comprehensive and quality vending service and efficient beverage distribution to all our clients. We aspire to be the complete beverage solution to our customers.




At Absolute Vending our vision is to be the absolute answer for the thirsty. Our business idea supports this with a super wide range of products that cater to all industries, schools and prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to quench their thirst with minimal hassle. 




We are conscious of our customers’ needs and aim to provide you with a complete vending solution by offering top brands, quality products & excellent service.